HKT-P021 : Simon Cabaret

Overview :
Experience the utmost and extravaganza entertainment center of the south. Offer you the hi-tech equipments for lights and sounds. Here you will find the superb stage design and our famous "Cabaret" the most exciting place to be on the Andaman Gulf. In exclusive and luxurious surroundings, you can looks, listen and impress with the Cabaret performance that made "Simon Cabaret" the world famous group.

Type :

Duration :
3 times daily
Price : 680 THB
Tour Rating :


  Show time                 6.00 p.m.(Mon-Fri)

                                      7.45 p.m. (nightly)

                                      9.30 p.m.(nightly)

        Let your imagination fly! Experience the ultimate transvestite extravaganza with all that goes with it! A show to rival Las Vegas, you will be amazed by the fantastic sets and costumes in this one of a kind show in Phuket. Since opening in October 18, 1991, Phuket Simon Cabaret has established itself as Phuket leading entertainment venue.
          For sheer entertainment, nothing can beat this famous Phuket Simon Cabaret. In the exclusive, luxurious and intimate theater with hi-tech sound and light equipment costumes and the unforgettably glamorous performers.

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